Redesign test + Elliott Smith cover
Waltz #2 for Classical Guitar
"[actually, this is an instrumental piece]"
August 20th, 2007

I’m making good progress on the redesign of Aural Times — enough so that it’s becoming impractical to continue development in my hacked-together, half-functional test environment.

So I’m going to go ahead and make the redesign-in-progress live. Things will continue to be broken for a while (and in fact will probably get a bit worse before they get better), but in the end I think I’ll be pretty happy with it, and I hope you will too.

And because posting without a song just seems wrong, here’s a recording I made last year of Elliott Smith’s Waltz #2, done up as an instrumental two-track on classical guitar.

I’m going to try something.
Green and Long and Mean
"they'll bite you on your feet"
August 19th, 2007

Hi. It’s been—well, it’s been a while. And that sucks, but I’ve been up to other things and as much I’d like to come back and restart Aural Times just like it was, there’s about ten straight months or so of evidence to the contrary.

But I’m trying to come back. It’s going to be different, in a lot of ways, but my hope is there’ll be music rolling off this site—and into your feedreader or your iPod—again, and soon, and regularly.

Read on, dear listener!

There is a great deal more material available in the Archives.